How to Install BMX Handlebars

All you need to know to fit Handlebars to a bmx bike


Step 1.

Remove bolts from the stem plate and clean any dirt or grease from the clamping area.

Step 2.

Place the handlebar in the stem, then put the stem plate on the bars and loosely tighten the bolts so the handlebars can still be moved freely around in the stem.

Step 3.

Line up the knurling on the handlebar, so it is central in the stem and tighten the bolts enough to lightly hold the handlebars at your preferred angle.

Step 4.

Once the handlebars are at your preferred angle, make sure the stem plate is level with stem before moving forward.

Step 5.

Alternate slightly tightening the bolts like the diagram to evenly spread the load while the stem is being tightened into place.

Step 6.

Once tight, give the handlebars a few tugs back and forth to make sure they don’t slip out of place.