How to Install an Integrated BMX Headset

All you need to know to fit and tighten an integrated headset on a BMX bike


Step 1.

Clean the fork steerer, and inside the headtube, so it's dust and dirt free.

Step 2.

Apply a small amount of grease where the bearings sit on the inside of the headtube and at the bottom of the fork steerer.

Step 3.

Put the first bearing onto the forks, so it is sat at the bottom race on the steerer tube. Make sure the bearing is the correct way around.

Step 4.

Slide the fork steerer into the headtube of the frame until the bearing sits flush between the two.

Step 5.

Place the second bearing between the steerer and headtube followed by the compression spacer which should sit inside the bearing, then add the dust cap.

Step 6.

Place the stem on the forks and check the fork steerer doesn’t reach the top of the stem; if it does add required spacers. It’s important that the steerer is as near to the top of the stem as possible with a maximum 5mm gap. This is so the stem has maximum clamping area, but also enough space to adjust when tightening the top cap.

Step 7.

Screw the top cap into the fork steerer and lightly tighten until there is no wobble and the forks spin smoothly and freely. You may find after tightening the top cap the steerer is at the top of the forks, in this case you will need to add another spacer under the stem.

Step 8.

Align the stem, so it is straight with the front wheel then tighten the stem bolts.

Step 9.

Check there is no head rock by turning the handlebars 90 degrees to the frame and rocking it back and forth. If you have head rock, loosen the stem bolts until the stem can move on the forks and repeat steps 7 and 8.