How to Install a Gyro

Learn how to easily fit a gyro brake system to a BMX bike


Step 1.

Install the gyro tabs to the frame and tighten securely.

Step 2.

Remove the top cap from the top of the forks and loosen the rear two bolts of the stem so it can be taken off.

Step 3.

With the stem removed, place the gyro, followed by the gyro plate, onto the fork steerer.

Step 4.

Re-install the stem on the forks and tighten the top cap to remove any play in the headset while still maintaining free movement in the steering. Make sure the handlebars and forks are inline then tighten the rear stem bolts to hold it all in place.

Step 5.

Install the upper gyro cable to the lever and connect to the gyro plate. Where the upper gyro cable joins to the gyro plate you'll notice the cable is two different lengths, the shortest of the two attaches to the side of the gyro plate closest to the lever and the longer one attaches to the one furthest away from the lever.

Step 6.

Install the lower gyro cable to the gyro tabs and attach all four cable ends to the gyro body.

Step 7.

Check the length of the lower cable housing and if it’s too long remove from the cable and cut it to the required length. Place the cable housing back on the cable and thread through the cable guides to the barrel adjuster.

Step 8.

Install the cable bridge to the end of the cable with around 4cm clearance from the last cable stop so the cable can move freely when the lever is pulled.

Step 9.

Put the straddle cable in the cable bridge, then hook the straddle cable head into the first arm followed by threading the other end through the second arm.

Step 10.

Push the arms together and pull as much of the straddle cable through the arm then tighten.

Step 11.

Check for play in the lever and adjust the barrel adjusters to remove.

Step 12.

Cut the excess cable leaving around 3cm of the end exposed then apply cable ends to avoid cable fray.