How to Install a BMX Chain

learn how to easily fit a new BMX bike chain or replace a worn one with this step-by-step guide


Step 1.

Loop the new chain around your hub driver and sprocket to find the required chain length.

Step 2.

Locate the link which needs to be removed to shorten the chain. Note that in order to link the chain back together, you will need the chain to start with an outer link and end with an inner link. This is unless it’s a halflink chain.

Step 3.

Place the pin of the link you want to remove in the chain tool and slowly remove the pin to the point where the inner link can be removed. Make sure you don’t completely push the pin all the way through the outer link as once a pin has been pushed completely out it can’t be reinstalled in the future.

Step 4.

Once the chain is at the required length, link the chain back together by using the chain tool to push the pin back through until it is evenly in the outer links. If you have a guiding pin, use this to aid the pin through straight.

Step 5.

With the back wheel loosened put the chain back onto the sprocket and driver.

Step 6.

Once the chain is on, pull back the wheel to remove the slack in the chain then tighten up the wheel nuts. A good tip for keeping the chain taught when doing up the wheel nuts is to wedge a spanner between the frame and wheel.